Montreal Artists Legal Clinic (CJAM)

Description de l'organisme

The Montreal Artists Legal Clinic (CJAM) is a charity dedicated to offering free legal information services to our city’s artists. We host workshops and legal information nights that will provide you with basic legal knowledge in a number of areas relevant to your work.

Description des services

“LEGAL INFO NIGHTS :” Every month, CJAM volunteers meet with clients to discuss legal issues related to their art. At CJAM’s “Legal Info Nights” volunteers gather the facts relevant to your legal issue, research it, and contact you with the appropriate legal information within 10 business days. By sitting in the same room with a CJAM volunteer you also can provide him/her copies of relevant documents and actually meet the jurist who will be helping you. Meetings last 30 minutes. Accessible free of charge. Service provided in person by appointment. Visit their website to fill out the registration form.

LEGAL INFORMATION WORKSHOP on legal issues in the artistic field. Available free of charge. Visit their website for details on the workshops offered.

LEGAL INFORMATION available on their website.


4701, rue Chambord
Montréal (Québec)
H2J 3M8

Heures d'ouverture : Visit their website for the date of the next monthly clinic evening.

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