Description de l'organisme

The Park Extension Legal Clinic is an office connected to the Mile End Legal Clinic, with the mission of making justice accessible to everyone.

Description des services

● Legal consultations with law students and occasionally with volunteer lawyers. Intended for people without the financial capacity to access the services of a lawyer and who do not quality for legal aid. Available free of charge or with a voluntary contribution. In various fields of law, depending on the area of expertise of the volunteer lawyers. Service provided in person without an appointment. Arrive during business hours and at least 30 minutes before closing time (check the website to find out which weeks the Clinic is closed).

● For the first consulation, you are strongly advised to bring any relevant document to your legal situation with you. You will be asked to declare your sources of income so that we can verify your eligibility for our services. You will meet with a law student and/or a volunteer lawyer. After this meeting we will confirm your eligibility for our services. Except in rare cases where we can assist you fully during the first meeting, we will follow up with you by telephone or email to inform you of how we may assist you. We do not provide representation before the court.


419, rue Saint-Roch, sous-sol, bureau SS03
Montréal, (Québec)
H3N 1K2

Heures d'ouverture : Every Monday from 1-3 PM and 5-7 PM

Téléphone(s) :
514 507-3054

Télécopieur(s) :
514 277-4069

Site internet :